On Reflection

This day has not been a productive one. In fact I seem to be achieving very little all round at the moment, despite my big ideas and my list of opportunities.

We sat up very late last night, doing a puzzle and consequently slept in rather longer this morning than was desirable. It was my turn to walk the dog and by the time that we came back home the day was half gone.

Mr L had pushed the vacuum cleaner round in my absence and hung out my laundry. That left me very little to do. I caught up online, edited the one photograph that I had taken whilst out and Blipped it, and had a quick kitchen experiment with Chaffles (unsuccessful).

Then we solved another puzzle over afternoon coffee.

Suddenly it was tea time and I didn’t even have any cooking to do. We had a local speciality, a Limousine Pie with salad and all that I had to do was to reheat the pie and make some coleslaw.

Where did the day go to and whatever did I do with it?

I know what I did not do. I didn’t log in to look at my FutureLearn course that began today. I did not pick up my knitting, not until after dinner. I didn’t cut my hair. I didn’t wash the curtains and clean the windows, as had been my plan for the day.

Pfft! Just a whole day gone and nothing achieved. I cannot keep up this rate of progress. I need a boot applying to my bottom.

Must do better tomorrow. It is important at this time to maintain a positive outlook and to effect achievements.

Anyway – today’s highlights must include my neighbour knocking at the door this afternoon and bringing me some fig cuttings. Not sure that she should have been doing it but I stood well back and kept our socialising at a distance – as instructed by the Govt. I was pleased and grateful though, and touched. It would make me very happy to have my own fig trees. If Covid-19 spares me long enough to see them grow…

Not looking forward to whatever is coming tomorrow as I fear that our movements are going to be limited even further. I expect our confinement period to be extended by at least a further two weeks and think four weeks is more likely. It would not surprise me if that were not the end of it either.

Everything is good though. It is simply a matter of taking each day as it comes. One foot in front of the other and one day we will come out on the other side. It would be good if I had something to show for my time. At my current rate of progress I am not sure even if the Baktus will be finished. Maybe it will. I have already reached the point at which I considered it prudent to weigh the remaining yarn. Turns out that’s a little bit panicky as I have just over 80% remaining!

So, tomorrow’s aims must include the hair, the curtains, the windows and then some learning about the virus. Perhaps I shall fit in a few more rows on the Baktus too… I want to see another colour change happening soon.

What I really want to do: write. I feel the urge to put pen to paper on some proper letters (anybody want a pen-pal?), maybe write some emails to a few people that I want to check in with, and I really have a strong urge to make a poem or two. No idea why. I just feel it trying to dig its way out from under my rib cage. Does that sound daft? It does feel physical though. There is a fully formed poem in there, just wanting to see daylight. A bit like an Alien. This could be messy.

Speaking of messy (and further writing) – there is a Luggage post about to burst forth. My sister has annoyed me excessively and I really need to tip my feelings out on a matter that has long aggrieved me.

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Strolling in Company

Strolling in Company

Today we were able to share our dog walk for the first time since we arrived home from Provence last Tuesday. A new Attestation form has been published and it is more clear (and more generous) on the exercise conditions. We may exercise for up to one hour and the start time must be written onto the form. We may share our walk with a member of the same household. The walk should be restrictedContinue readingStrolling in Company

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