On my wheel


On my wheel, the Deep Fried Vegis batt.

I hope I am going to like this. Maybe it will look better once plyed…

I should use this lens more often.

Suzieunfthb Watching me while I work – Suzie. She’s looking old these days.

This is the best photo I have ever managed of Suzie – she’s really difficult to photograph, with that dark face. Needs more skill than I possess. This is nice, though.

I totally wasted yesterday – and not in a good way. Not the day that I had planned for myself at all. No yarn in the post, either.

starlingthb Most of the morning was spent in trying to capture starlings, which is why I happen to have the telephoto lens on my tripod today. I was massively unsuccessful. Here’s the best of a bad lot.

I shot this from the kitchen, through the open window. I had the camera trained on the wall where the birds habitually perch to check for safety before entering the nest. I sat nearby on a chair at the kitchen table with a mug of coffee and the remote control.

I shall be trying again soon.

tails-upthb Later in the morning I went out onto the garden to see if I could capture the birds going in or out of the wall. What a farce! I have around 60 shots of assorted degrees of blurriness/birdlessness. This one is my favourite. It would have been a stunning shot, had it been pin-point sharp.

I got into a pickle with the Pomatomus sock as well.

I just ended up feeling grumpy and out of sorts after a day of pointless idleness and too much TV. I got to testing the iPlayer and Ch4 On Demand services on the new faster broadband. I watched several eps of Sugar Rush and last night we watched a totally silly film. The evening was rescued by a little gem of a programme that I found on the iPlayer – The Transatlantic Sessions. Just good music and nice images and nothing to spoil it. John Martyn, Eddie Reader, Aly Bain… and more. Lovely. I shall watch this week’s edition too, when it appears on the iPlayer. It seems to be old broadcast, material. I need to find the whole lot on DVD, I think.

I’m not doing much better today either. Pointless idleness seems to be all the rage this week.