(Old) Green of the Day 09/03/09

Yes, still busy.

The Alpine Butternut inches its way forward, with just a ball and a half to go. It’s becoming heavy and awkward to knit unless I sit in bed and support the length of it. There’s a (slightly tweaked) Crofter’s Cowl on my desk, which gets the odd row in when I need a break from weightier matters (parse that as you wish). Using the Malabrigo, in Vaa, it is definitely a PS4North project. Low on priority and, although it should take just a few hours to complete in the normal way of things, it will take several days before emerging to be admired. I have a slight needle challenge with it.

Everything else is on hold.

The good news is that the end of the publication push is definitely in sight. One more solid day at my desk today and then we should be into final tweaks and I can have my life back (and do some spinning.)

More frosted greenery
More frosted greenery