(Old) Green of the Day 07/03/09

Way, way behind. No time to take the camera out and shoot lichens today – lost much time yesterday in cleaning drains. So, here’s an old photo again,  to keep up the Green of the Day thread.

Emergent Green
Emergent Green

I’m proud of that one.

It has been quite energising, looking through old photos, and I really want to get to know my camera again soon. I’m after a light tent or similar. Trying to persuade Mr L to get me one (early)  for my birthday, although we don’t “do” birthday presents. I have all sorts of plans for PS4 that involve camera usage. I hope some of them will come to fruition.

This is really a Note to Self – but I am considering a learning experience for PS4 East/Air. I want to learn more about clouds and cloud formation, and take some illustrative photographs. We need them anyway, for our WeatherFAQs site. Orkney has stunning cloudscapes and it is a great shame to be almost wholly ignorant of clouds.

In the mail today – Mr L’s new darts, so I know what we shall be doing tonight, and my second-hand hardback copy of Victorian Lace Today, which is just plain wunnerful – and a real bargain.

Knitted last night – the second ball of the Alpine Butternut Scarf, while we watched Heroes and did a crossword.

I need to go back to work now.