O.K. So I was seduced…

Look what came this morning.


It came from Grizzly Mountain Arts, via Etsy. It’s really difficult to photograph, but I hope that it shows up well enough to do it justice, because it is perfectly lovely.

Can you guess what it is yet?


keeper2s It’s a needle minder (aka needle keeper) and it is to stop me from either losing my needle when I am sewing, or from pricking my finger when I find my needle somewhere that I didn’t realise I had left it (a frequent occurrence.) Here it is, minding my needle on my cushion cover (a WIP.)

And it’s all done by magnets, very strong ones. Strong enough that I can use this to mind heavier things such as my spinning wheel hook – so I shall get plenty of use from it. At the moment I am wearing it as jewellery, fastened to my fisherman’s smock – habitual spinning gear. It would be nice if I could attach my cable needles to it when knitting, but they are generally made of aluminium…

keeper3s keeper4s keeper5s

The keeper is made from a vintage button, decorated with lilies. The back magnet is on a little turned piece of ebony.

It’s just perfect and it only cost me $7.50 – arrived beautifully packed, at a shipping cost rather under the actual mailing rate. Communications were also excellent. A highly recommended seller and I would be back for more of these eminently collectable little items if only I had the dosh. I do want one of their tatting shuttles, as soon as I can afford one.

In the meantime… I really should complete that cushion cover! I’ve left it out on my desk, to remind me to pick it up. I need a change of activity anyway (see next post)