Oh, yes, it is thrilling indeed

Today’s Thursday Thrill is more of a slight frisson of relief really. I’m marginally thrilled to have completed the Teardrop Stole last night and it is away to its new owner tomorrow – currently pinned out on the blocking mats. Perhaps a better photo will be available for Friday.

All done

It is a  relief – I don’t know why, but this project really pained my wrists dreadfully.

There are mistakes in the stole but I do not believe them to be obvious.

There was a far larger thrill yesterday. Not mine, but my friend’s – the Amalia shawl landed through her letter box. It seems to have been joyfully received 🙂 That brings me great pleasure.

Pleasure will also come from completing some UFOs in August. I have my hit list. It may be over-ambitious, as I want to try and produce some items for the Show next week as well…

In order of priority:

  1. Tribute Socks (one completed) These are to be done by next Thursday (√)
  2. Twisted Socks (second gusset started) (√)
  3. Log Lace shawl (next up. Just about time to finish it by the end of the month?)
  4. Beastly Mitts (second one barely started) (√)
  5. Echo Flower Shawl (maybe 10% done) (√)
  6. Rhytidome shawl (maybe 50% done) (decided it was pointless to do this and I am now frogging it)
  7. Herringbone Socks (do.not.even.want.to.think.about.it)

As for The Show… I’d like to whip up a handspun shawl and make a pair of colourwork mittens. They need to be completed and blocked by next Thursday evening. There’s ambition for you!