Oh, ye of little faith!

The Antidote is blocking. So are the Dragon Scale Mitts and the Kenaz bag/pouch.

So there!

Not only are they blocking but I also have a pristine clean sink area. (in which, I admit, there is a hat still soaking prior to blocking that)

The mitts and the bag are suffering only a light blocking and are lying on a towel on the kitchen table. The scarf is pinned out on towels lying on some of those dense interlocking foam tiles from Costco. The scarf is safely locked into my workroom. The other two projects are vulnerable to cats…

Why am I blocking Kenaz when it is destined to be fulled? Well, because I have a horizontal rib pattern going on there and I want to make matching and sewing the thing together easier than it otherwise would be, as it curls its own sweet way hither and thither. I’ll stitch it up tomorrow and then see what I can do by way of felting it. I really am keen to see what emerges at the end. (Is it a bag? Is it a pouch? Is it a plane? No, it’s SuperKenaz!) I think I like mystery make-it-up-as-you-go-along knitting. 🙂

For the remainder of the day I am:

  • making dumplings and heating and eating lamb stew (EDIT: tick – delicious, warming and filling)
  • sorting fibre and yarns (EDIT: ticktheoretically done, but I may just have created a new and different chaos)
  • maybe photographing the above (EDIT: tick – mainly. I missed one or two skeins off the shots and the photos are indifferent)
  • cleaning and tidying in preparation for Spinning Group Mk II tomorrow (EDIT: tick – well, I kind of shoved the Dyson around the carpet, anyway)
  • possibly making cake for ditto
  • knitting some fountain hat if time permits

Tonight is the start of the holiday weekend, so after work we shall be opening wine, making dips, eating dipped nibbles, consuming said wine, and playing backgammon by a roaring fire.

Happy Easter!