Oh, botheration

Do you realise that it is the 27th May already? And here’s me with only 1 sock of a pair done –  and only half a shawl. Thank the knitting deity that there are 31 days in this month.

Who am I kidding?

I’m behind, aren’t I?

It has been a busy month, and it ain’t finished yet. DH is away on the morning plane on Monday and there is much to be done. Knitting is the least of it.

On a more productive note – I did do some weaving today. Only fifteen minutes, glorying in the wonderful light in the conservatory, before I realised that my arms were blistering. Common sense then took hold — and I went to cook lunch in the gloom that is my kitchen.

Now, please excuse me, I do believe that I have a sock that is in need of casting on… (see you in June)

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