Nothing to report

A quiet day here on the windswept homestead. Mr L has been nursing his sore back and I have been nursing my sore head.  Gill brought my roving round for me this morning and I am now dying to get stuck into the felting project. I need bubble wrap and net curtaining and some mild soap. Oh, and time – lots of time!

The loom is sitting in the corner of the sitting room, intimidating me.

Spinning Day tomorrow and we have a guest. I am collecting a visitor en route and taking her to meet some island folk as she may be coming to stay here. In the Scots sense of “stay”, that is. As in “live.”  There will be cake, of course -so long as I get out of bed in time. Must make sure not to sleep in. I think we shall have date & walnut this week.

We should have photos tomorrow- of knitting and of fibre and, as I am reminded of Project Spectrum every time I stick my head out of the door, perhaps some yellow stuff too. The whole island is agleam with yellow under the spring sun right now – there are fields smothered in buttercups and marsh marigolds line the ditches, whilst flag irises cling to the water margins. Yellow, yellow, yellow  absolutely yellow whatever direction you look.

I’m about to head for a warm bath and our third early night on the trot. Life is not very exciting at the moment.