(Not very) Pinteresting

I follow the Food & Drink category on Pinterest, though I am beginning to wonder why. It is so rarely that following a pin yields an interesting recipe!

Most pins seem to be made by USA-nians. That being so, the majority of pins lead to something that begins “All you need is a packet of (something mysteriously non-British) mix and…” or triumphantly announce “No-bake!” Either that, or they lead to pages and pages of food obsession and calorie counting and “recipes” for food or drink with amazingly magical properties to give you all the gold in the world or something… oh, yes, instant weight loss, greater beauty and in 10 days flat and higher energy levels

Go, girl. Yeah.


Logo of Campbell's Soup Company
This is re-heating, not cooking. Logo of Campbell’s Soup Company (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the same problem when I was looking for interesting slow cooker recipes. I wanted to get into the swing and deploy mine at least five days of each week. I began to research and found hundreds and hundreds of intriguing-sounding recipe names. The outcome was rarely a recipe as I would know it. Many began “take a can of Campbell’s chicken soup…” or something like that. Almost all called for ingredients that I have never heard of but which sounded worryingly artificial.

How do you fancy “Crispy Chicken with Creamy Italian Sauce and Bowtie Pasta” – does that not sound goooood?

It looks good too:

Crispy Chicken with Creamy Italian Sauce and Bowtie Pasta at Jamiecooksitup

Mmm… yummy… but when I followed it through? Not so appetising after all…

  1. It’s a paid post advertising some new Kraft product
  2. The crispness comes from bloody cornflakes!
  3. The “sauce” is a  matter of mixing together chicken broth and milk with two cans of that ubiquitous chicken soup and  a pack of the promoted product.

It is the same with breads and baking. I find something that looks pretty good in the picture and has an inviting name. It invariably begins with a can of Pilsbury Biscuits… which aren’t biscuits at all, but scones! I ask you – who on this planet does not make scones from scratch?! Flour, fat, sugar, milk. Rocket Science, not.

Another recipe catching my eye this morning was for Chocolate Éclair Cake – a nice little spin on the box standard, I thought. That recipe calls for something called “Cool Whip” and for Chocolate syrup, though does at least give an option for real cream and home made chocolate sauce.

I thought this looked reasonably interesting..

but then I saw what went into it

C’mon… this is not cooking. People, give me something that I can play with!

I re-pin the things that I find that look good, have real ingredients, and should be fun to make. Sadly, I find very few recipes worth re-pinning.

I did pin one today, though I lack the final and optional ingredient – not easily sourced in these parts.

What recipes have you found on Pinterest recently that you re-pinned? Point me at something delicious and restore my faith! Herbal additions not obligatory.

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