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WIP Wednesday again!

There had been a plan to own up to the scale of the problem this week. I was going to record and classify all my started projects and photograph them in one big heap, as well as separately. I was in short, going to ‘fess up and tell all. Well, I was saved from that indignity by a bad back rendering the physical effort needed impossible.

We shall have to make do with the immediate goings on. August UFO-busting continues and now that the Echo Flower shawl is completed, I have taken out my Herringbone Socks to work on.

There is a sock in there, somewhere

These poor socks began life back in April 2009 and I am under no illusions whatsoever that they may be finished by the end of this month. One day, they will be a handsome pair of socks – just not yet a-while.

In fact, the socks were taken out as a second string project. I reckoned that I could complete the Log Lace Shawl before September. I have the project here, in its bag, at my feet and, you know what? I certainly could finish it. The thing is, I don’t think that I want to! I really do not like it at all. I might frog it and use the yarn for socks. Well, it is one way to get rid of a UFO… and a method that I have already applied to the Rhytidome shawl. Slowly, it dawns on my consciousness that if I don’t like “it”, I am never going to wear “it”, so why keep applying a work ethic to “it”? Better to work at something that I might take pleasure in. There’s nobody marking me on this, is there?

So, of the list of 7 items that I prepared for UFO-busting — 4 projects have been completed, 1 is frogged, 1 more is likely to be frogged, and the last project is active. Not bad, considering that there was The Show to contend with, and also the commission knitting. I can be proud.

The plan was now to select a further set of projects for UFO-busting in September but the Colourmart Lovers group on Ravelry are having another competition, beginning September 15th. This addles matters a little but if I begin on the 15th with some Colourmart WIPs perhaps I can keep both spirits alive.

Here is the new hitlist:

From now until 15th September

From 15th September

  • Jubilee
  • and a little something else…
Idiot Knitting: garter stitch square for Bridgewater

Earlier this week I broke my UFI-busting discipline. I had hurt my back and was full of pain killers. I needed something simpler than any of my current projects — so I began the Bridgwater shawl that had been lined up ready for the Colourmart Lovers comp. That makes it now an official WIP for this Wednesday, and a WIP Entry for the comp instead of being a Shawl entry. These things are sent to try us 🙂

Slightly hairy -- 20% Mohair

Off the pain killers now, so the shawl is resting until 15 September.

Onward with the Herringbone Rib! (slump) Or I could begin the test knit mittens and defer the socks for a while. Sounds like a plan to me…

PS – come and join us for the Colourmart Lovers competitionthere is cashmere to be won

WIP Wednesday (Shellyfish)

WIP Wednesday (Tamis Amis)

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