Not so swift Swift

I have arranged for a Sunflower Swift. I recalled that the source of these beautiful things was with fibreclaireUK, of the Weekend Whirls group that I am a member of. So I went to the source. She has none in stock, after selling out at the Ally Pally show. But I should have one in two week’s time. In the meantime, SpinningGill is very kindly lending me her swift and winder again tonight – she is a generous woman.

Mr L just showed me his memory. EIGHT Gigabytes! I am but slightly envious *cough* But it’s not my turn for an upgrade for a couple of years yet. My pooter is only three and a half years old. Practically brand new. And obsolete 😉

His motherboard is rather nice. It has a special chip on it that can run a Linux installation – allowing a boot-up to that in just 5 secs, and giving browser capability – for those times when the pooter is off but you just want to look something up. Damn clever, these Taiwanese chappies.

The PSU came in a little drawstring bag – I was offered it to put my plimmies in, but I think it is a prime candidate for a sock kit on boat days. It’s even branded “Corsair” and has a logo of three-masted sail design. Very apt.

The figs last night were wonderful. There are still a couple left over for this evening – for after the Influenced Vegetable Stew. The Tsatziki is in preparation, the kidney beans are cooked, the crusty bread is ready. Just a load of veg to prepare now (very thinly sliced potatoes, carrots and onions, cauliflower florets, chopped tomatoes.) Poor G&A – we are going to reek of garlic by the time that they arrive!

Influenced Vegetable Stew: recipe by Mollie Katzen from the Enchanted Broccoli Forest. (Amazon | Google Books)

I will not reproduce copyright material without permission, but not everybody feels the same and, for the first time, today I found the recipe reproduced and accessible on the ‘net . The discussion is about something else (Cincinnati Chili – but keep on scrolling down and you will find the IVS recipe – though, to be fair – the book is only seven or eight quid – buy it, play nicely, and do yourself a favour. It’s a great cookery book.)