Not So Random Acts

I need to record the receipt of three RAK parcels, all originating from Ravelry’s UK Random Acts of Kindness group.

The first two parcels were from an alphabetic game – participants simply take the next letter free, and the previous participant sends to the new participant. That sounds really odd, doesn’t it? Illustrative Example: I signed up for R, so I received Q. I signed up for E, so I received D.

My D parcel was from Ravelry user Doodles aka Heather Cawte, who sent me a smashing little parcel that included a hand-crocheted Doyley and a DVD of Mrs Dalloway – together with: a Dishcloth – knitted Diagonally and with a Delightful Owl on (I love owls), a Diary, some lovely G&B mint Dark chocolate – my absolute fave, a Dorset button kit for DIY buttons – this thrills me beyond belief and I am looking forward to experimenting with a new craft, and a Drawstring bag with stitchmarkers of Different colours – and these are wonderful, with little chips of semi-precious stones.

The Q parcel came from wyndwitch aka Kristina, who was very clever in her interpretation and managed to come up with a varied parcel that in no way included the expected Quality Street!  I got:  Quackers the Duck, Quite Unique Stitch Markers, “Q”ute bars of chocolate, Quilting material, and “Q“(Ch)ai tea.

Most recently, a Red themed RAK parcel arrived from maddy18, who also masquerades as Madeline. In her enormously generous package I found:

Incoming Red!
Incoming Red!
  • red and white fairy cake cases –
  • red satin ribbon with little red satin hearts appliquéd to it
  • a card of red star buttons
  • a very glitzy red glittery ballpoint pen
  • a sachet of Nourishing Hot Sugar Scrub
  • TWO balls of fabulous yarn – Patons “Jet” – which is very cleverly red.
  • lovely stitchmarkers!
  • chocolate – 70% with raspberries.
  • more chocolate -a tube of Munchies.

Thus far I have failed entirely to photograph any of the other parcels – please blame lack of light and/or extreme busy – ness. Both are entirely true.

Also received: two parcels of DK yarn for knitting teddies with – from naelana and knitternatternoo, and one scrap of babyyarn for crocheting, from SalutingMagpies.

Grateful thanks to all senders!

On the outward side, I sent an R parcel and an E parcel – and I failed to record what was in them. I know that the E parcel contained a card with a silvery elephant on and the card was made from Ellie-poo paper. I also included a hand made box with an emerald green lid, and it contained Edinburgh rock. Some erasers went in too, and hand made envelopes, and the hardest thing of all to part with was the ball of my “Exuberance” handspun yarn. In the R parcel were red envelopes and buttons, a “Rippit charm”,  a hand-made recipe book, with recipe, a jar of home-made rhubarb jam, and a hand carved rubber stamp with red ink pad… the rest, I forget – just red ribbons and buttons and things like that.

Also sent – recipes for a new cook, postcards for geography lessons, a handspun and hand-knit neckwarmer for somebody having a bad time, advice on moving house. I think that’s it.

My Red-themed parcel is yet to go as I still await a delivery of something that I bought to go in it. I can’t reveal what’s in it but it includes something knitted, something for the spinner, something edible…