Not so punny

Today should have been a day for knuckling back down to routine. It is a measure of my aversion to that idea that I lay a-bed this morning, devising a punny heading for today’s blog post. I cast aside “A-har!” I rejected “What a difference a grey makes” and I came up with something far better, much funnier, and obviously instantly forgettable – because I find now that I have not the least recollection of what the title was to be. All I know is that it was a reference to the change in the weather, as the inevitable sea mist has descended in the wake of the glorious sunny weather that we have been enjoying. Could it have been “Divven’t fret, pet!” No, I doubt it.

Then again, I think I quite like that: “Divven’t fret, pet” – a sea mist is called a fret in the NE of England, and the title may do double duty as a commiseration to Mr L, for having to return to work. Still, it might have been worse – the sun could have remained out!

Anyroadup… I lay a-bed and forgot my Monday morning routine, and the rubbish didn’t go out for collection. I would like to say that I immersed myself in finally setting up my PC, but I didn’t. Nor did I dedicate myself to the making of a fine lunch for Mr L as a reward for settling down at his desk again. Nay, lasses, I jes’ familiarised mesel’ wi’ me noo flyer an’ read noo Twist Collective ((Thankfully, little in it to tempt me. I marked two patterns as Favourites at Ravelry, but queued nothing. Not even any socks.))  Aye. That I did.

Argh! Enough!

Time was spent in the workroom too – I decorated some butcher’s wrap in lieu of wrapping paper and I packed up the striped components of May’s RAK package. Yes. I know. It’s June. Them’s the breaks. Sorry.

“But what is on the wheel?” I hear the interested ask (thinly, and from a  great distance). I tell them, and you may listen if you wish, that I am spinning still the Dylon-dyed generic fleece batts. And ugly stuff it is – but there be method in my madness. Oh, yes. I am aiming for that homespun appearance. Slubs are the name of this game. I have a vision. Lord knows how it will turn out in reality – but in my mind’s eye, it is a fine thing indeed.

I am rushing the weaving singles. I want to get my “East” roving up on the wheel. It will take me all month to spin it, even if I prioritise it. It’s a 200 gm roving. I shall need to get a shift on if I am to have even the one finished project for this phase of PS4.

Knitting? Pah! No time for knitting!

Tomorrow I must complete the setting up of my PC and, specifically, ensure that I have all my email coming in properly. I must also bake cake. And, whatever else happens, I want that roving on the wheel. I would like the bobbin to be under way before I pack my wheel up for Spinning Group on Wednesday.

Anyway – that’s Monday successfully over and done with. We may get to the end of the week in one piece yet. I have to say that the atmosphere across the desk from me is not all that great…but I am sure that he will settle. It may take infusions of chocolate, but we shall get there in the end.

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