Not my best day

Today is slipping away from me all too quickly. Plus, I have jam in my keyboard.

My 365 photos are not coming out as I had hoped. With luck I can make a little extra time later and try again.

Nell and I have been out to look at our post-storm world. She found a nice blue plastic container in the flotsam to play with, then promptly dropped it into the flooded field and was disinclined to brave the water to retrieve her toy. I seem to have become all too distracted by Lightroom plugins, trying to get uploads to Facebook working, and filters, a mild distraction when my plugin failed to play nicely. It’s almost dark now and I have achieved nothing of any note today. I got showered and I got dressed – end of story.

Back to routine on Monday. Perhaps I shall be more productive then.

We put new batteries in the bathroom scales this morning and are both very pleased not to have gained any weight over the holidays.

What else… oh, yes, we began a trial Netflix subscription last night and watched 9. The film was vaguely disappointing but the streaming was very successful by comparison with the BBC iPlayer. We shall no doubt run another test this evening – most likely on Super 8. From what we have seen of the catalogue it appears very much biased towards the lowest common denominator. Only to be expected, I suppose. I guess once we have seen all that we wish to, we would scrap any subscription we might have taken out.

Here is some more of the flotsam from the storm. I hope very much that it did indeed come all the way from the Faroes…


Inspecting the mud
Inspecting the mud
New Toy - play with me!
New Toy – play with me!
It's still a little sploshy
It’s still a little sploshy




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