Not a stroll in the park

WHOOPS – forgot to press the go button when I wrote this last Sunday

When I set up the new ordered categories for the blog, I intended Sundays to be for walking out with the camera and then coming back and photo blogging whatever I had been up to. I think that I am correct in saying that has never yet happened. I do hope that it will – and soon. Every fibre of my being is urging me to begin today. Well, no, not every fibre. There are some tough sinews in there that are urging me to carry on with organising the mess in my workroom and planning the UFO reduction strategy. There’s also one or two fibres asking me to finish this test knit mitt before lunch time today.

The mitt has its thumb separated and is halfway up what ought to be the final chart repeat – but I am using small needles and also  have long hands. There will be another half repeat at least before I cast off. I am really torn about these mitts. I only planned to do one, in waste yarn. I have not enjoyed the knitting – the yarn and needle combination have been tough on my hands and made for slow knitting – but I love the dense and cosy fabric resulting from that and I do like the mitt very much indeed (so far). I can’t decide whether to call the test done after this one, and move on. Whether to knit the second mitt.  Or whether to ditch this one and make a pair in an easier yarn.

As if I needed more knitting around me!

The Joshaqan thing has not happened, with these mitts being far slower than I had anticipated. I  regret that, as I want a big tick next to those socks, and soon.

I think the plan now has to be:

  1. Finish test knit mitt – make a pair later, whether it be mitt #2 in this yarn, or two new ones in another
  2. Knock off the next test knit
  3. Finish the Joshaqan sock
  4. Finish the red swirly thing
  5. Knit the second Senneh sock
  6. Consider ending the self-imposed Silk Road Socks monthly sock club, and slow things down on that particular adventure

The red swirly thing has moved up the rankings because I wish to liberate the needles for a new project. The yarn has arrived and the pattern is at hand – and I am eager to begin. I just need needles now -  and I refuse to purchase more 4mm needles. It’s ridiculous to have so many in play at one time! I shall learn to be patient.

There are other new projects calling to me. I was delighted to discover that a pattern that I have been wanting for a very long time indeed is now available in downloadable PDF. I purchased the yarn for this a couple of years ago and then discovered I had problems in getting the pattern sent to me from the US. It was impossible to find here.  KCG trading had it in stock, they said, but not on the web site yet and they would get back to me. They didn’t. Then they had their fire…

I bought the pattern, and another while I was so engaged and downloaded them and as you can probably guess, there are loud shouts from that quarter now, too.

There are now actually nine queued projects ready to cast on, with both yarn and pattern assigned. That’s without considering the sock menu. And without thinking about promises to test knit (Romi’s Muses are coming up fast now) and commission knit. Or UFO reduction.

That is why I think that my plan to knit a pair of silk road socks for every month of the year has to be chopped off, or slowed down at least. Maybe I’ll join the bi-monthly KAL schedule and do a pair every 2 months… they are bit hard to give up.

I mean – a girl still needs to make time for spinning, you know? Not to mention the classes she has signed up for.

There are challenges ahead.

The final Open Studio weekend is coming up fast – 3rd/4th September. After that I should have some time freed up. It is amazing how much time the studios have absorbed. I am looking forward to setting my room back to rights and knowing that it will not be pulled apart again in a week or two…

More time will be freed up by quitting spinning group for a period.

I shall be in class on Tuesdays and Fridays and as the car is still not MOT’d I need a day to go shopping most weeks as well. Going out on Wednesdays as well is a bit much, and is rather unfair on Mr L. As I have been feeling increasingly reluctant to go to Spinning Group anyway, it seems like a good plan to gain 3 hours a week there and to get my shopping done mid-week for a while – I’ll not be able to go on Fridays now. Perhaps the break from Spinning will help to restore my perspective and my spirits so that when I return I can begin to enjoy the group once more.

Right! That’s sorted then. I’m off to grill some bacon and poach some eggs for a late breakfast/brunch. After that, I have to play at being a barber. Then I shall get my mitt done. I hope.

This life of domestic bliss is no stroll in the park, I tell you.

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