Not a good day

Today is not progressing well. The central heating is buggered. I have faith that Mr L will eventually undo the harm that he has done. It’s the stress levels in between that I can’t handle.

The cats are stressed too. Lulu got mugged by Teddy this morning. There’s fur all over the kitchen floor and Mr L has a variety of scratches. Treacle is in a state of high alert. He looks twice his usual size, his eyes are like saucers and he has his ears at permanent attention.

Suzie is playing Head Prefect and keeping everybody apart. Nell looks very worried about it all. Griff? he never noticed any kerfuffle at all and is just bumbling about, being Griff.

I cast on for the new #1 Husband sock last night and joined the round but put my knitting away while we watched a film. The Royal Tenenbaums. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t bother. It was rubbish. I’d rather have been knitting.

So far today I have cleaned four cat trays, put the rubbish out, stripped the bed and put the laundry on, held the torch for my domestic heating engineer, and kept clear of as much flak as possible… That’s not much fun for a Sunday, is it? it’s time to get the knitting out and hide in another room, I think. Later on I have a joint of pork to roast. I think that we deserve a pudding today but can’t decide what to make. Rice pudding? Bread and Butter pudding. Steamed Treacle Pud?

Just looked up the weather forecast and the severe weather warning has been removed. We’re only expecting a boring old ordinary gale this afternoon now, not a Severe Gale. Never mind, at least we were prompted into doing several things that needed doing soon anyway.

So, lousy weather coming and we have no Central heating and we can’t light a cheerful fire either. You may expect to find me tucked up under the duvet with my knitting – once I have worked up sufficient interest to get the fresh bedding onto the bed!

I feel the need to cast on a little something from Anne Hanson. Knitting her lace patterns is almost as good as scoffing chocolate.This one, maybe? in this?

O, get thee behind me, Satan!