No Muse is not good muse

There may be many Muses clamouring for my attention at the moment but singling one out from the din is proving to be difficult to do today. Maybe that is because I am so tired/not yet awake. I must head in the direction of caffeine soon.

It is Craft Club this evening. I plan to complete my Bridgewater edging there. I am more than ready to do so. More than ready to move on to Something Else. I believe that Something Else should be sort, sharp, and interesting. As ever, with me at least, “interesting” generally decodes to “challenging.”

I bought this pattern last night: Antalya. I have the pattern, and I have yarn — Zitron Gobi, which I had purchased to make a couple of Ripley  hats — but I need to find needles and I should probably *cough* swatch.

Antalya promises cables, Japanese short rows (whatever they are) and grafting. Oh, goody. For me it also promises a properly deep ear-hugging winter warmer for the Orkney winds… and just possibly an entry in the 2011 show.

The Ripley pattern is also purchased. I am aware that I need to set up some kind of filing system that ensures that if I spend money on a pattern it actually gets used…. I do believe that I have a large handful of unused purchases, and that won’t do.

So, which pattern to work first? Ripley has been waiting for a few weeks now and offers the benefit of a very fast knit but Antalya will give me a fix for my twiddle craving and prove an ideal antidote to the endless repetition of my shawl edging. I feel good about strating either as I will have put two UFOs to bed. I enjoy the discipline of finish-two-start-one and hope to maintain that over the year, and work towards an empty basket.

And, speaking of fixes… my Hotel Chocolat order turned up while I was writing this. I have a fridge stuffed full of choccies ((all good to March 2011, BTW, despite being “End of Season” price reductions)) now and am ready to face anything. Perhaps now is the time to start Antalya.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. Finish Bridgewater
  2. Start Antalya
  3. Queue UFOs Mingus and Jubilee for completion.
  4. Start Ripley
  5. Queue UFOs Sugar Plum Fairy and Comfort pi-a-la-mode for completion
  6. Start Mythos
  7. Queue two more UFOs for completion

That’s all for now… if I extend that list the odds of sticking to it will diminish. It will take discipline enough to get that far, without specifying more.

So, there we have it: today’s Muse is Discipline. Who’d a tho’t it?

PS am not expecting Antalya to make fast progress. I hope to be in town tomorrow, and I am hosting Spinning on Wednesday. I also have to test my new loom stand and drum card some fleece to test the new packer brush…

I am going to be busy – may not be back here until Thursday. Be good while I am gone.


  1. January 10, 2011

    Love that hat, but will you have to graft cables? Eeek.

  2. January 10, 2011

    but will you have to graft cables?Eeek.  

    Yes. But in my naivete… I can’t see that it would be any more difficult than grafting stocking stitch? Anyway, it does says full instructions given. Let us hope for the best.

  3. January 10, 2011

    That hat looks wonderful ( and nice and generously sized) I did knit myself a Quincy out of some Gobi but it’s not cutting the mustard at covering my ears when I have my hair in a pony tail…
    I also have 3 balls of Gobi I bought in the Xmas sale.

  4. January 11, 2011

    Aren’t you supposed to be saving for a Matchless 😉

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