Never make plans

Well, the knitting has suffered over the weekend, almost as much as I have suffered with my back. No progress on Norby, none on my Senneh socks and, more importantly, I have been unable to start the handspun socks that I am supposed to be demonstrating over at Sanday Spinners. This is going to completely wreck our timetable for the Sock Serenity series.

I was expecting that the back would be much improved today. It is not. I shall be skipping Spinning Group tomorrow, I think. And poor Mr L is going to have to cook for us again today. Me, I’m going back to bed, as sitting hurts too much.

Ironic isn’t it,  so soon after the “I never get bored” post – imagine how bored and frustrated I am right now, just lying on my bed forcing my muscles to relax. Who’d have thought that knitting could be so painful?

I hope to be back with you soon, knitting and chattering away. There will be a lot of catching up to do on the sock series, though – so I may be distracted for a while.

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