I’m being neglectful here, aren’t I? Can I claim too much to do? It would not be true. The truth is that I have been unable or unwilling to do very much at all in recent weeks. I have made the effort to produce an image a day for my 365 project at Blipfoto, but have been doing very little else. Along with the 365 project I have made  a few updates to my photo blog – that’s it, the sum total of recent activity.

Things may be looking up. I can see and hear the birds outside are anticipating Spring, and I think that my own body senses it too. Perhaps a little more light in the mornings is helping to increase my energy levels. I actually persuaded myself out of the house and to Spinning Group yesterday. I spun; and got my wheel out again in the evening. I feel good about that. Perhaps I have my mojo back at last. I’ll ply a skein off this afternoon, I think.

Sanday Spinners, the business, is poised to take up a lot of my time in the coming weeks… we may even draw some money out for the first time. That’s exciting, but not as exciting as today’s happenings: Mr L and I are paying off more than half the remaining balance on our mortgage and increasing our payments so that the house will be ours in around 12 months’ time. A real red-letter day for us. It helps me to deal with the fact that I am now a pensioner. The lump sum arrived the other day – hence today’s activity –  and my first pension payment will arrive in February. I’m soooo oooold!

By coincidence, today is day 21 of my 365 and my photo plans include something to do with the key of the door…

Being solvent for the very first time in my entire life has not gone to my head – today’s lunch was a thrifty lentil soup and home-made rolls. Oddly, as I am not normally keen on lentil soups, I enjoyed this one enormously. We’re going to have more of the soup for our tea.

The soup is one of my usual no-recipe, no-measuring  jobs – just fling a few things in the pan. If you’re curious, ask and I’ll try and recall more or less the sequence of events that led to a tasty lunch.

I’m hoping to get a new camera soon, and perhaps a good lens. I’m going full-frame – maybe a Canon 6D. I’d love any advice you might have to offer. Have I mentioned my tripod? Maybe not, but you can read about Jack here. He is taking a little getting used to but I expect my landscapes to improve immensely now that I have Jack to assist. He’s also going to be useful for macro work, especially in the field.

Right, I must get on, there is plying to be done and photographs need to be taken.



  1. January 25, 2014

    Glad you are feeling a bit better. I’m looking forward to more light before too long as well. I’ve persuaded Phil to light the fire in the main room and I’ve brought my computer through with the idea of doing some work. It might happen! At the moment, I am mostly being used as a slide by the small girl.

    • January 26, 2014

      Good to see you. Fully rested after your busy season I trust.

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