NaBloPoMo 3: Now we need to organise a red hat


They're Purple
They're Purple

Purple SHOES!!

Purple Crocs
Purple Crocs


Can you tell that I am pleased?

I got my first pair of Crocs recently – by default, they were for Mr L but were too small for him. I think they are great; enormously comfortable and exactly right for my daily lifestyle, they act like slippers in the house but are perfectly happy when worn to take the dogs out on wet grass or a wet and sandy beach. Sure, they look terrible and I feel like Minnie Mouse in them and I’m not all that happy about actually being seen in them

I was such a convert to the comfort of them that I thought I might seek out a pair designed for a lady’s more delicate foot. Alice came to my rescue. I really wanted some red ones, but they were £15. Purple ones… PURPLE ones, were just a tenner, with free delivery (get ’em while they are hot, at Amazon) They arrived this morning.

One foot fits, the other is slightly snug – but a size larger would be too large on the smaller foot, I think. At the price, I think I’ll keep them and try them out. I can always get some larger ones later if it proves to be necessary. Maybe red ones next time, though. Every girl needs at least one pair of red shoes in her life, there are always days and occasions where red shoes are a useful bolster to the spirits.

I love purple. Always did. Always will.

Just need a red hat now. Make sure that it doesn’t “go”.

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  1. Lisa
    November 4, 2009

    What’s not to like about purple shoes! 🙂

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