N n n n n n n n nineteen

A late run in bed, while listening to Mark Lamar on Radio 2, resulted in knitting to a reggae beat… and getting The Antidote off the needles.

I knitted for a while and then declared the scarf “long enough”. Got off the bed to model it, and Mr L agreed “long enough”. It’s finished… thought I… I’ll just count how many pattern reps…eighteen. Eighteen? Hmmm… Twenty is a nicer number… so I started knitting again. Then I thought how stupid I was being (it was the size of the remaining ball getting to me as well as an obsession for neat numbers) – so my Lace Ribbon Scarf is terminated at a very odd nineteen pattern reps.

Believe it or not, I am going to block this thing today.

No, I am!


In fact, I plan to wash and block everything that I have queued for such treatment. Dinner is pre-cooked and just needs reheating, so I’m taking over the kitchen for knitterly activities.

There won’t be much of a fibery nature going on for the next few days, for it is a Bank Holiday weekend and such times are reserved by tradition for the dread DIY. Thankfully nothing major is planned… no new bathrooms, for instance.

In fact, the only firm plan for the 4 day weekend is a roast duckling with black cherry sauce.  Yummy. I’m hoping to find a stashed bottle of St Emilion to go with that.