A migraine woke me up just after 2am this morning. I got up to go to the toilet (migraines turn me into a world-class peeing machine) and found as I returned to bed that I was also suffering the list-to-the-left symptom that sometimes accompanies the hadache and nausea.

In our rear hall we have an exposed stone wall, a feature of the old byre that became our bedrooms. Most attractive.

Sufficient to say that I was sleepy, befuddled, and naked as well as listing to the left. I have scuff marks on shoulder, breast, hip and thigh.


Today I was unable to go spinning as it was Mr L’s annual appraisal. I needed to cook lunch early as his meeting was to be at our normal lunch time, and then be on dog-duty while Mr L was in telephone conference. I was still feeling wretched, so I settled for spending the appraisal hour in my workroom with my doggy friends. We did our own appraisal, on my laceweight stashed yarns – and I tried to make some plans by matching yarns to patterns. I cannot claim to have got very far at all with that process. Befuddlement reigns supreme today.

The one thing that I did achieve was to sort out some frogged  projects for restarting under 10 Shawls in 2010. If nothing else, I now know where to find them. I also know that I can knit 4 laceweight shawls up to 2,300 yards, and one up to 3,800 yards… plus two 1200 metre laceweight shawls,  and two fingering weight shawls up to 666 yards each. That’s without looking at odds and ends, or yarns that are already mentally assigned.

I think that I am OK for this year, don’t you?

I’ve put a fourth repeat in on Gail this afternoon but Haruni is too fine for working on with a bad headache and dodgy eyes.

As soon as Haruni is complete I plan to return to the frogged Autumn Arbor and restart it as a new project. After Gail is cast off, I’ll cast on a DK stole and keep up the thick-and-thin project regime. I want no more than two shawls on the go at any one time though – but it is very handy to have a fat yarn to turn to when the fine work gets to be a bit hard going. Mind you, it’s also comforting to have a 400 yard triangle project to hand for instant gratification -  but I am trying to avoid that particular temptation after Gail is done.

A new hobby is coming into focus too… Mr L has been a source of worry to me for some time. He’s a software engineer who spends his spare time… engineering software. I keep nagging him and insisting that he needs another interest – one that will take him away from the computer. At last he has decided what it is that he wants to play with – and it is… a train set!

We have been talking for a while, trying to decide which gauge to go for – he has eyesight problems and motor difficulties with his hands. Not being able to go try things out in a shop does not help. So he’s bought a small starter N Gauge set, to see if it is too small for him to work with. It arrived today. I have a Sprinter going round in circles on my office table.

We think we shall stick with N gauge, but I have to promise to help with the building of models and layouts.

That’s fine by me – he’s fulfilling a lifetime ambition of mine 🙂

This weekend is now pencilled in for the emptying of our storeroom, which will now be the train room. I’m not entirely clear where my sheets and duvets are going to end up… but it’s good to see the old man re-living his yoof, so I don’t really care where my linens get stored from here on. The fleeces now, that’s a whole different problem!