Mythical, beautiful, Kind and Representative (December Reflections 6)

December reflections 6, a little late, and the prompt is: Angel

I do not believe in Angels, at least not the angels of Christian Mythology. I do however enjoy their representations and often take photographs of angel statues or carvings in graveyards, Of course all of my images are at home but here’s one that I took and shared a long time ago (2015) and have been able to track down.

I was happy to track that one down or else I would have been using the cat’s latest toy on the grounds that it vaguely resembles an Angel Fish!

Moving swiftly on…

What I really wanted to write to this prompt is this: I don’t believe in the winged variety of angels as represented in Christian mythology but I do believe that there are good souls who walk this earth with us. Sometimes I am privileged to meet one, as I did recently when we lost Chloé, our cat, on a campsite in Spain.

I went to Reception to make my apologies in advance of any complaints that might arrive regarding a wandering cat. Cats are supposed to be leashed but Chloé had slipped out of the door in the dark when we came home from dinner,

The young lady on duty in Reception was marvellous and very supportive. Her only care was for our loss and she ensured that all staff were alerted with a description of the miscreant. She was at pains to to tell us that it was not a problem and that she was simply worried for us. She tried to ease matters by suggesting that Chloé was simply out and about having “a lovely time in the pines.”

For the next few days, each time that we met, she would ask if the cat was home.

The young lady was simply an angel, a delight (though not Butterscotch flavour).

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