My Films: Day 16

Ryan’s Daughter, 1970

First seen at the cinema on Linthorpe Road (I think) in Middlesbrough, shortly after I left home at age 18. A David Lean film. Never had him down as a favourite Director but he does seem to be coming through strongly.

I did not know until today that Ryan’s Daughter is a re-telling of Madame Bovary but then again, I never claimed to be educated in literary matters.

Ryan’s Daughter is currently leading the pack in the bum-numbing stakes, at a hefty 3 hrs and 26 minutes but fear not, it is a riveting watch and the time passes swiftly.

I remember watching the whole film and wondering what had happened to John Mills, as I knew that he was in the film. I simply failed to recognise him. He played Michael, in a performance that was not necessarily well-received. At that age however, I admired it. Sarah Miles is beautiful and Robert Mitchum is, er, Robert Mitchum.

As for impact, just add this film to the ever-growing list of those that formed my attitudes and opinions about the appalling way that women have been treated over the years.

I note that the Producer was Anthony Havelock-Allan, I had no idea. I was acquainted with the Havelock-Allans through my work when I was younger. I had no idea that they had movie connections. File under “small world”.

Directed byDavid Lean
Produced byAnthony Havelock-Allan
Written byRobert Bolt
StarringRobert Mitchum
Trevor Howard
Christopher Jones
John Mills
Leo McKern
Sarah Miles
Music byMaurice Jarre
CinematographyFreddie Young

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