Must Try Harder

Welcome to 2012, a resolution-free zone here at Wool | gathered.

That was the plan, anyway – a free and easy year, just rolling along and taking life as it presents itself. No plans, no promises – not even to myself. Then I woke up this morning to find email from I use their Jet Pack software and they were delivering me my 2011 summary stats. I found that in 2011, I made just 94 posts.

365 days. 94 posts. Tsk.

Wasn’t I lazy!

So – must try harder in 2012.

Although we are not making any resolutions or hard and fast plans, I do know that I need to do less knitting this year – maybe forever. I need to shed the habit to a large extent – not just for my hands’ sake but also to lead a less sedentary life. I need to be doing far less sitting down! This is entirely in contradiction (of course) to my other need of this year, which is to do much more spinning. Those eight fleeces under my table must be dealt with!

What I would like to do this year is to deal with as much fleece as possible and to produce one single show-stopping handspun knitted piece. Something amazing.

There are many WIPs and UFOs to pick off, of course, but I must curb my addiction and resist the urge to cast on new projects all the time. I have determined to do no commissions or knitting for sale this year. I am certain that knitting under pressure is worse for my hands – presumably because of tension in all the wrong muscles…

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