I’d dearly love to show and tell today but there’s far too much gloom and murk and far too little light so…just move along there, and normal service will be resumed once the sun reappears.

Spinning today consisted of much show and tell, and (for me) some knitting. Plans were made for Sunday’s Christmas Fair. Chocolate Brownies were consumed.

For the remainder of today, I shall knit: one mitt, just started, to be finished in order to complete the pair with the one I knitted at spinning; one Spiraluscious to be completed (barely begun); one pair of Mama Janes to be started. That’s a lot of knitting. Barely achievable, I’d have thought.

Must find time to do some spinning soon. It’s lagging a bit. But there’s Mr L’s sweater to be done, his mitts to complete, and two design jobs to do, plus something else major that is dragging a long way behind schedule…