Absolutely no chance of getting out and taking February photographs today. I have been busy shopping and cooking and also it’s weeing down.

I have managed today to get rid of half of my bank balance at Amazon, whilst simultaneously preparing a celebratory three course meal for this evening.

What have I been buying? Camera gear!  Finally I made up my mind and invested in a good waterproof backpack to stow everything safely. I also treated myself to a 2x converter to give my 200 mm lens a 400 mm reach. A tripod lens mount was added to the order to ensure that I get more use from that lens. I rounded it all off with a product table and lighting kit to get better shots of my yarn and knitting etc. and perhaps to enable a little still life work.

I still have some funds left to buy either a woolee winder or a travel wheel, but not both.  I shall need to ponder. Must make sure to leave sufficient in the bank to fund my Swirl jacket when the time comes.

What have I been cooking? Well, I have par-boiled potatoes for roasting and done the reduction of cider and stock for the sauce to go with the Scallop starter (Scallops, Black Pudding and Apple, with a cider butter sauce). The duck breasts for main course are straightforward and can be done later and a simple accompaniment of petits pois and Black Cherry Sauce from the freezer (left over from New Year) will make life simple indeed. Mr L made the Champagne Jelly for dessert yesterday.

We are good to go.

What are we celebrating? Why, paying off the mortgage of course. Come Monday morning, the Windswept acre is all ours.

Imagine that.


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