Moving up a gear or two

Today is the start of the New Year for me. What has been thus far was only a taster. Mr L is back at his desk and I face a requirement to restore routine to my life. That meant being up before the sun, which I always feel is not a natural thing for a Human being to do. I like my cave, leave me in it until it is light, please.

Being up did mean that I could try and capture the sunrise, though. Unfortunately I could not see to focus for the wind-induced tears in my eyes.

Short and sweet today, I have things to be doing and deadlines to meet. I’ll be in the kitchen, should you have need of me, fashioning a quiche for lunch and some Granola for my breakfasts. I also need to capture half a dozen eggs on film…

Mr L has now caught up on his work email. He has to go to Manc. In February. Poor soul.

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