Moving on

After winding all that 2/28 yarn I disappeared into a deep hot bath with a long drink and a spouse. Then knitted on ‘is sock in bed for a while. I am about to begin the toe shaping. It makes progress but does not enthral me. This however, does. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Woken by Nell at 4am, I had to go out on the dark with a migraine. Humph! Slept it off a bit after that, but it’s hanging around in the background now. The first thing I did when I crawled from my pit was to skein my yarn. I got 340 yards in the first skein (64 gms) so am on course for 530 yards total. It’s very pretty and I am pleased with it, though my plying is nowhere near as good or as consistent as I thought it was when I was doing it! We need better lighting in the cottage. It’s a must!

The rotary cutters arrived today but there is still no sign of the needles. I am about to chase those.

Today is for feeling sorry for myself, investigating the fibrecrafts parcel from yesterday, and perhaps for beginning a Morning Surf – though I may wait for a brighter day to make my yarn selections for that as harmonising them is critical to success (I still fret about the navy blue in the Tumult of Waves version.) I might even ply the remainder of my yarn.

I have  a mass of paperwork to attend to, too (I hear you, Gill!)