Moving on

The Citron shawl iscompleted and now ready for blocking. I added two extra tiers plus a little extra length in the ruffle to balance the larger size. My own little twists included a row of cat’s paw in the final ruffle, and a picot edge cast-off. I’ve renamed the project: Citron Pressé

I’m going to re-knit the Evenstar clue 1. Alison at p2tog is replacing the troublesome needles and I plan to do the centre again when the new needles get here.

While we wait, I feel that it is time to have a little non-shawl action. I feel in need of a change. I could pick up a partially knitted sock. However, I am leaning towards those delightfully tempting Skew socks. Fate can take care of it. I shall look for a 2.25mm circular. If I can’t find one, I shall go  find some knitterly discipline instead.

Or I might knock off a quick hat? After all, it is snowing…