Mondays are a bit weird now

One thing you can say about three day weekends, they certainly are more refreshing than the old-fashioned variety of weekend. Mondays are a tad weird though. It’s as though there is more to do – for example, a longer weekend seems to yield larger piles of laundry and washing-up – but far less time available to do it all in, as the weekend will be here again on Thursday evening.

Last week I completely forgot it was Spinning Day. This week I have luckily remembered that commitment, yet the day  is panning out such that I don’t think I shall have time to go.

Anyway – campervan bedding is out on the line. Another load of whites is on. Soup has been planned for lunch (minestrone) and two dishwasher loads are done. I’m about to put all the pots pans and crockery back in the van… having previously removed them for the winter. It seems unlikely that the weather is going to play ball next week but we’re going to try to fit one more trip in this year when a weather opportunity presents itself. If we are going to pop off at minimum notice, I shall need the van as ready as possible.

I had a message over at Ravelry today, left as a comment on the project page for the matinée jacket that I made for this year’s Show. A lady from Reading commented to say that she had seen it at The Croft! She’s planning to knit one, so presumably having seen mine at The Croft, she’d scoured Rav for the pattern and stumbled across my version. A nice moment in an otherwise dullish day.

We seem to be playing with maps and overlay files today and thereby gleaning the benefits of experience from The Campers Who Went Before. I need to find out of my phone can handle the overlay files. I’m being a bit thick about it so far.

Really, I need to knit. I haven’t knitted in weeks – aside from a few rows on the outbound ferry. Knitting brings me balance. I’m sure I’d understand .gpx files if I were regularly knitting.

I’d best consult the weather oracle again. Best to stay informed. Catch you later.


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