Monday Optimism

Monday Optimism

  1. The snow will not last forever
  2. The second lace scarf is over halfway done and will certainly (barring disasters) be complete by the end  of the week, if not the end of the month as had been planned
  3. Scarf 1 will be blocked tomorrow, while Mr L has his weekly phone conference and I am thus barred from my desk
  4. Food stores will last out until I can get my trolley into town again
  5. There is no pain yet from my lost filling (fell out on Saturday)
  6. I will soon be knitting for nothing other than pleasure

Monday Realism

  1. There is no way on this earth that I can get some hats and mitts done for the Christmas Fair.
  2. Dec 5th is coming along a whole week earlier than I had been expecting it.

Monday Expectations

The second scarf is coming along at a cracking pace but the realisation that I am a week later than I thought that I was… well, that wiped the smile from my face, I can tell you.

The smile keeps coming back every time that I look at the scarf though, as I can see an end to commission knitting and sight the delightful prospect of knitting for fun once more. I plan to clear some UFOs initially, though the Damask triangle is still beckoning strongly and I do have the yarn for it sitting on my desk right now. Am kicking myself right now for not having had the gumption to complete the Snowbird cardigan — it would have been most useful right now. I think it would be best if that were the first UFO to be resurrected but I suspect that as I now have the yarn spun to complete my handspun shawl, that may well nudge to the head of the queue instead. Apart from those two projects, I have to say that I am really looking forward to spending some quality time alone with the sock blanket — that, and some weaving.

We ordered some solid fuel on Saturday. I confess to looking forward to my fireside knitting in the next few weeks. Spinning too.

And now? Back to the lace scarf – I want to finish the 8th (of 13) repeat before tea.