Monday blues

Mr L is back at his desk today and there is an air of gloom emanating from the office. I have been requested to hang around and keep him company today which rather goes against my plan of knuckling down to some experimentation with paper-making at t’other end of the house. So I shall be tidying my desk, shredding paper, and perhaps knitting on his boring socks for a while. There will be a mushroom risotto and salad for lunch.

*Sigh* it all looks like I have absolutely nothing stopping me from finding time to fill in a job application today (assuming I am not already too late.) I have been in denial mode over this. So much so that I don’t even know what the closing date is/was.

My hospital appointment has come through for early October, and I go to the GP for bloods on Thursday – but I think the end must surely be in sight… somewhere.

Spinning is with S1 this week and I rather hope that S2 will be bringing that Icelandic fleece along for a show and tell. Also on the spinning front – yesterday I bumped into the young lady with whose mother I arranged some spinning sessions a while ago. I’m not sure we yet have things bottomed but she will be coming round some time after school for a go. I have some lovely coloured fluff for her to play with, but am short of bobbins so need to finish my current spinning off or get new bobbins soon. I may get some made locally.

It’s a grey day today and not at all conducive to good spirits or high energy.