Momentous, though little momentum

It is a big day today. Mr L is applying to take his pension… or he was intending to do so today. Of course he is unable to find his Birth Certificate. I gave him mine immediately on request and I gave him our Marriage Certificate – there are some advantages to having been an Administrator by profession. It seems however that Software Engineers lack some organisational skills…

A new certificate has been ordered and was a surprisingly easy and fast process by telephone. No wonder identity theft is so easy. As Mr L said “I could have been anybody.

I got off to a slow start today, having been woken at 5 am by a migraine. For once I was lucky and managed to sleep it off right away. When I woke again five hours later, it had gone. Still suffering that strange lassitude and weakness that comes with the head so have done little other than to prepare lunch and to hang out a few clothes on the line. I should be preparing for tomorrow’s trip to town really.

One thing that did get done was the consultation questionnaire on the North Isles transport thing. It all seems a bit pointless; should we exit the EU, Westminster is not going to fund our transport. They could not care less. Nor are they going to give Holyrood the pot to support our ferries properly. It leaves us without the proverbial paddle, I believe. Perhaps we could swim to Tesco. Perhaps not.

yellow (1 of 1)

It is entirely a reflection of how low I have been feeling since coming home that it was only today that I thought about wandering up the garden for a look-see. The irises have been very late this year and were not even budding when we went away but today I found them running riot.

yellowclose (1 of 1)

What they lost in punctuality they appear to have gained in profusion and each stem has many buds open it rather than the usual two or three.

irisview (1 of 1)

The iris in our garden run into the iris in the wetlands beyond and further still into  the field beyond that. All is a haze of yellow. The blooms themselves are loaded with insect life.

There are no orchids though, somebody mowed them!



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