Mixed Results

I had mixed results with my muffins today. I had just popped them onto the griddle pan when the phone rang in my office. I legged itup there and dealt with a cold call with a firm refusal. As I was halfway back to the kitchen, the phone rang again – same caller. I was less polite in my refusal. When I got back to the kitchen, my muffins were singeing. After that, I simply ignored the phone but I was annoyed and rattled and made a hash of flipping my muffins, so they all stuck together and became very ragged-looking.

However, they rose extremely well and are very light indeed. I think it must be the flour. I love Marriage’s! (I get it from Costco)

Anyway, they’re not really up to photographic scrutiny. Unless the insides look good… shall I check?



Not so very bad – the insides look right to me. (The burnt bits are underneath) Salvageable anyway – as muffins should be toasted on the inside only. Apparently.

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