Miserable old so and so

OK. I’ve done the proper thing and have slapped myself about the face with a wet codfish…

Well, actually, that codfish is only metaphorical. The fact is, I deduced that if I had actually had some breakfast today, things might be going better. Or even some lunch. It appears that I entirely forgot to take any sustenance on board. This explains a lot. I have now had some toast.

  • The shawl ends are sewn in, and it is in the sink.
  • I have invented a cake with what ingredients I can find – hope it turns out
  • Mr L says he’s happy to eat the cake if an offer of a lift to spinning is not forthcoming

I shall now try to clear a space in which to pin out the shawl.

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  1. January 3, 2012

    You know that R’s giving you a lift, don’t you?

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