Making progress

I took my crochet into the sitting room yesterday afternoon while I sat with puppy doing her cage training. I’m making some kind of progress…

So much progress that I have now practised a few rows of double, half treble, treble, and double treble. My tension is still appalling but things have gone slightly better otherwise, since I had a small epiphany on the matter of turning chains. I acknowledge that learning the stitches is easy enough – the difficult part for me is deciphering instructions and actually seeing where the hook is going in.

Undaunted by these problems I launched into my first granny square. Well, I think it is easy enough to tell what it is meant to be and that I did get close to it. Clearly I got several parts of it wrong, but I think this was only because I was distracted by other things and got my counting wrong. I got a bit annoyed but still tried a different type of square, a St George’s Cross. This also went quite badly. 🙂

I’m going to try again today. This time I plan to write out the instructions in a more readable layout and also to write down my counts as I go. I intend to have a near perfect granny square made by tonight! However, I have much work to do in my craft room. I need to think through what to take to craft club tomorrow evening and make sure I have everything packed that we might need. Plus puppy watching, of course.