Perhaps it is the distant scent of Spring in the air bringing on a light fever, but I do seem to be losing my marbles. I’ve got the first of a pair of Skew on my needles now. Will this be the first toe-up sock to fit me? We shall see, but I do love the promise of anatomical toes… It’s a very strange and interesting sock construction, that’s for sure. Perhaps we should have a photo essay to accompany the venture. It’s too late to capture the first cast on (I’m up to 40 stitches now) but I could always snap the second one for completeness. Just wait until you see the yarn choice! LOL. Madness indeed.

I wanted, nay needed, to spin today -  but it seems not to be happening.

Two Plyed Shetland Tweed

I spotted the two skeins that I plied at Spinning group last week and just suddenly felt acutely aware of how little spinning is being done around here. I thought that I might spin while barred from the office for this afternoon’s meeting.

There is still a literal bucket-load of the carded Shetland to spin - that's a 40 litre skip...


I did the draw for the Bitterroot this morning and was going about my business, preparing to pack it up, when SpinningGill popped in. Gill raided my sock yarn stash((not the reason for calling in, I hasten to add)) for her Brandywine project, and I traded the yarn for a weaving  tutorial or two.((Tell you what, the yarn that she left with was far prettier than my Skew yarn!)) By the time that she left it was time to cook lunch (Belly pork, stuffing, apple sauce, onions, mash, glazed carrots and broccolli…. YUM!)


By the time Mr L’s meeting came around I had just conquered Judy’s Magic Cast On (not brilliantly, but t’will do) and I left the office at the last moment, all in a  fluster. I found myself in my workroom – with no spinning wheel, because that was still in the office.

I spent my time packing the shawl up and effecting a few raised increases in my sock.

Now I am paralysed. I’m sitting here wondering which project to dive into: Clue 2 of the Evenstar, the Frozen Leaves Shawl, the Jessie Lambdin Shawl, the Skew socks, planning my weaving, or doing my spinning – so nothing at all is getting done. I think maybe I should just brew some coffee.

Tomorrow is spinning group. We are to go to J’s, where there is little room. I shall probably not take my wheel, leaving space for another spinner to work. I shall take some of my plethora of knitting with me.

I need more days in my week. Or a second pair of hands. Or something. More brain and less blind ambition perhaps.