I would love to give this a home

Sadly, (or fortunately, given the state of my finances) they won’t ship outside the US of A.

*sigh* knocks my jam-jar-with-a-pierced-lid into a cocked hat, doesn’t it?


  1. irene
    January 21, 2008

    My name’s Irene & I live in the US and would gladly post to you if you decide you really want it. Or, I have some friends visiting from Scotland in July who might be wiling to carry it across and post. I’ll try to privately email you my address in case you’d like to respond. Or post a response here and I’ll get it!

    Best, Irene

  2. January 21, 2008

    Hello, Irene – and welcome to Woolgathering.

    That is a very kind offer but it seems that the basket may not be exported, as it is of plant origin.

    It’s very odd. I can understand the US not allowing plant material IN – but to stop it going OUT seems perverse.

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