As promised – today’s shopping


It arrived, beautifully packaged and in perfect condition despite having crossed the Atlantic

Inside were three tissue wrapped packages, sealed with flower stickers –  and a hand-written envelope. The whole was packed in a large padded packet.


I had ordered two rovings, both the same – included was a third packet, marked as a “Welcome” gift.

Inside the envelope was a little note to the effect that my purchase was appreciated and that in future I would receive 10% of all purchases.

Very nice.

Prairie-roving-thbWhat did I buy? This fine merino and mulberry silk hand dyed roving – 2 by 2oz skeins, in a colourway called “Prairie.”

Look at it. Do click for bigness. It’s wonderful and my photo does it no justice at all. How on earth it was dyed and packaged and delivered without compressing the loft of that merino I shall never know.

It’s a miracle.


And the Welcome gift? A lovely little skein of Tussah silk in the same colourway!

So, who is responsible for the artistry and the generosity? Linda Lee – exclusivelylindalee at Etsy. She is away at the moment, so the shop stock is denuded, but do have a look when she gets back – it’s gorgeous stuff and amazing value.luscious-thb


The thing is.. it’s too nice. I won’t dare to ruin it by spinning it. I may have to just frame it or pet it or something.