A ludicrously late night last night saw us squeezing our one puzzle solution of the day in under the 3am bar, by just five minutes, for a maximum five points. We didn’t even have time to look at the other three of yesterday’s puzzles.

Feeling very dull today as a consequence and taking tings very easy. It’s a lovely day so puzzling out on the bench has been the order, with dogs cavorting around us, and me knitting pretty idly.

puple-needle-eater-thb Such a very nice day that I thought that I should take the sock for a walk in the garden before it and I learn to turn a toe-up sock heel. Meet the ludicrously named Four Ply Purple Needle Eater sock project. Yes, it isn’t very purple. No, it isn’t four ply. Am I going to let that get in the way of a brilliant project name? No, I am not.

Would you?

Pretty yarn, eh? It’s Merino, from Peru. More about that later. Maybe not today, even though I promised. I really am worn out and brain dead.

Four Ply Purple Needle Eater at Ravelry (I guess I really shall have to change that name to something more accurate)

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