Most of my skeins were dry this morning so I twisted ’em up and sat back to admire them. I do love the white/pink/purple singles, they look pretty much as I had envisaged them, only far skinnier than I had hoped – and far whiter. Snowy white. Fluffy snow white. A bit gorgeous, I think.  Overnight I think I came down on the side of knitting them up with some raw silk – but do I have sufficient? Linen would also be good… but I don’t have any of that.

The two merino/mohair skeins and the large Deep Fried Vegis skein are still a little damp. I’ve bravely (foolishly) dangled them on the washing line for a while. It’s not too breezy out there… yet. Must keep en eye on them.

I have 2/3 of a bobbin of the Inferno done and am much enamoured of it. I keep stopping spinning to admire it and enjoy the warm glow of affection for it that I seem to have. It excites me and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. A very different feeling to the one that I had about the DFV. I definitely want some copper thread now.

Day 3 of the headache is not, so far, too bad. I took the last remaining Maxalt at 7pm last night when the nausea took over. So I am now desperately waiting for that point in Day 3 when I suddenly realise that I feel great. But it’s OK. I am functioning. In fact, I am about to make “cake” for spinning day tomorrow. Actual cake is difficult, I only have 1 egg! (am still too off-balance to cycle or drive to the shop – I am a hazard) So today is for gloopy syrupy no-egg-required bars, I think. No slimmers permitted at spinning tomorrow! Normally I’d do the Queen Mum date and walnut when I have only one egg, but I don’t seem to have any dates either.

I may start to knit the DFV later. If I don’t leap straight into it, it will languish unloved and unknitted for years. Beat me to it, and it’s yours. Surely it must speak to somebody… if you love it, you may have it. Just ask. If it’s not yet cast on, I’ll pop it in the post asap. Airport strikes permitting…