Look What I found

Look what I found – What Liberty Ate – this magazine, something of this quality is free?

Unfortunately, wp.com will not, so far as I can see, allow me to embed the magazine. I’ll just have to tell you that it  is 138 pages, with lots of recipes and some gorgeous images.  This is issue #1 of three publications so far. I have not yet investigated numbers 2 and 3

Some pages to check out:

  • 64/65 Apple Rose Tart
  • 66/67 Vegetables Tart
  • 70/71 Earl Grey Cupcakes (or buns, as we call them)
  • 74/75 Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry Heart (ooh, yummy)
  • 120/121 Marlenka Cake (oh, yessss)

I’ll be trying that cake soon.

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