Log Lace Shawl Progress: 03/11 Romping through it

A brief project report:

  • Pattern: Colors Squared
  • Source: WollSchnegge Ravelry Store
  • Ravelry Project: Log Lace
  • Yarn: Noro – Kureyon Sock (cols 40 and 188)
  • Needles: bamboo 3.5mm straights, dpns
  • Squares made: 10
  • Stitches on needle: n/a
  • Total stitches worked: ?
  • % complete: about half?
  • Estimated completion: not really fussed

Suddenly I find that I have ten squares completed. It is time to sew them together. That makes me nervous. Knitting needles I can handle but as soon as I pick up a needle with an eye in it? Instant terror!

I need to read the pattern again. I think that I discovered yesterday that the triangles are not knitted stand-alone as the squares were. I think that I am now supposed to sew the squares together and pick up stitches in order to fill in the triangle spaces along the top edge.

lace log cabin squares for my shawl
lace log cabin squares for my shawl

Should I block the squares first? It doesn’t say. I think it might be better if I did.

Really. I have no idea.

Oh, and I don’t possess a 3.5mm circular needle to finish this project off with either. Will have to send away for the appropriate Symfonie tips.

I think that we might be returning to the Pi blanket for a week or two now and put this one on ice while I consider the best way to progress.