Life remains dull

I will be back in full posting mode soon, I hope – though life remains quite dull just now.

The old paint has been fully stripped from the front part of the house and we are ready to re-paint when an extended period of dry weather looks likely. There is an old saying in Orkney: “First the County Show, then Winter” – today is the County Show. An extended spell of suitably dry weather would appear to be unlikely now. I have already seen skeins of geese overhead. The swallows have been massing and feeding together in the early evenings. The summer will be gone very soon.

Speaking of gone – the house feels strange without Griff in it. We have not been grieving. We shed our tears when he was suffering. Once it was dealt with and he was out of it, our hearts lightened and now it feels impossible to cry. I still find myself divvying treats up into thirds instead of halves. He’s gone but not yet forgotten.

I spent a large part of my week in tidying and planning. I took photographs for some blogging at Sanday Spinners and I should perhaps summarise those here too without much delay. Today I have been baking – there is bread about ready to go in the oven. I am finally getting around to trying out the La Cloche dome that I bought via eBay at a bargain price. I also have a quiche in preparation, ready for tea. The pastry is chilling and I shall line the tin whilst the bread is baking. Not sure what is going into the quiche yet but I am leaning towards sweet red peppers with chorizo and perhaps some feta.

One result of the tidying and planning phase earlier in the week is that I am now knitting on my Snowbird (aka my Jubilee project) cardigan. It knits up quickly but it hard going on my hands and wrists. I hope to be wearing it once the cold weather arrives. I also have some Vanessa antiopa socks in production, am working in fits and starts on my Valborg doily, and am about to bring the Kadril scarf back to life, though I may stray in the direction of a Baby Surprise Jacket any moment now (having found some perfect little girl yarn)

A postcard arrived via SendSomething yesterday – I really must get back to my correspondence soon.

It’s Perseid time! I would very much like to get some photographs this year. Let us hope  for clear skies. My cameras are not seeing much action at the moment. I need some impetus.

Fancy a closer look at my High Seas?

I must go and put the bread in the oven.

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