Law of Sod in full operation

We are socialising tonight. It does not happen often. I was busy in the kitchen this morning, trying to eliminate the egg glut by making mayo as a base for a few dips to delve into later. Mr L felt it incumbent upon himself to wield the Dyson.

Now, me, I know this house. When we are socialising, I leave vacuuming to much later in the day — it saves having to redo it. Blokes seem less thinking organised about housework. As always, brute force was applied to the sitting room…  and the poor man knocked himself out a bit. I was feeling pretty weary by then too, so we made coffee and went to the office to drink it.

The dogs started to make a commotion. “What was that?” asked Mr L, “I heard it too,” he remarked to the hounds. I shrugged (I was busy admiring the Nyoni yarn that had just arrived) “I didn’t hear anything…”

We finished our coffee, and Mr L began his assault on the hallway, while I went back to the kitchen. I reached the sitting room doorway and I saw this…

Feline Fallout

Point proved, I think.

Anyway, I got further into the room and found things were even worse… there was cat hair absolutely everywhere!

Note the body language

There were also two very huffy looking cats, sitting well apart from each other! (that’s the loom under that orange sheet – SpinningGill and I are going to do things with it this evening.)

I returned to Mr L — and asked him to take a deep breath and retain his sense of humour.

Right – I have to go to the shop now, as the Jus Rol that I was certain that I had in the freezer just isn’t there… and I’m far too kna… worn out to be making puff pastry from scratch today. I think I’ll get some sugar too and manufacture some meringues with the 8 egg whites that I have left from this morning’s yolkage.

(The chooks are up to 6 a day now. I can’t keep up!)


  1. orkneysarah
    February 26, 2011

    Good luck with the shop – closed for stock-taking!

    The law of sod is very much in evidence indeed 😉

    • February 26, 2011

      the shop was in full operation, much like Sod… well, as much in full operation as the laid-back young S ever is 🙂

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