Laceweight is a peculiar form of masochism, isn’t it? In oh-so-many-ways. I have been winding skeins this morning. I wound the remaining Silk Blend, no problem. Then went on to wind a couple of Yarn Yard laceweights. Even with the aid of a swift and a ball winder, I  may never have the use of my right arm again… 1200 metres in each 100g skein. It took ages. So I am having a rest now and ignoring the reminder of the yarns that I had lined up for winding.

In good spirits today, despite the foul weather that we woke up to. I think it was the puzzling that did it. It really refreshed me on some indefinable way. Puzzlecrack 2008 began yesterday and runs all week. Puzzles are released at 10:00 Central Time (that’s 4pm for us.) It’s not really proper puzzling, more like a treasure hunt in many ways. We delayed our own progress by trying to make the puzzles harder than they are and ended up in twelfth position. It was a pleasant romp through the evening, though and I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us today. I am sure that we can put in a better performance now that we have the hang of it – but who knows? That’s the fun of it.

I walked a new puzzler through the solution after we had finished last night, so very little knitting got done. I am about at the end of the ribbing on the Bayret and loving knitting the BFL. It’s good to be working with pure wool after all that sock yarn. The spring of it is so satisfying. The colour is a delight also.

I suspect that my enthusiasm will wane once I get to the cabling. It’s one of those lazy patterns – only charted. Sadly, the charts are not exactly clear and readable. I predict angst is forthcoming. It should be worth it, it’s a very fine hat pattern. Anyway, if it doesn’t work out I can frog it and get a lovely pair of socks for my trouble. I might take time out to clean the charts up a bit before I begin. Knowing me, I probably won’t.

Did I say that it was a horrible day today? Well it is. So, it’s soup and bread today. The soup will be some kind of generic broth of root vegetables (mainly neeps) and pulses (most likely lentil) with loads of fresh parsley chopped in (for the vitamins.) The bread component today will be a soda bread. I’ve never made soda bread before. New adventures, always good.