La Cloche

Today I finally made some effort and tried out the bargain baking dome that I bought via eBay. Contrary to my earlier belief, it is actually the real deal and not a copy. It is branded Sassafras on the base.

The main reason that I had not yet tested it was that when it arrived, it appeared rather unsalubrious. I planned to give it a scrub. In the end I scoured it with dry paper roll and trusted to the heat of the oven to sanitise any remaining unpleasantness. The dish did look as though it had suffered a previous adhesion incident, so my expectations were that my loaf would stick. I anticipated having to scrub it and re-season it before a second trial.

I made a basic 500g white flour dough, proving a simple cob in a cane banneton before tipping it into the preheated stoneware.

Now, how’s this for a loaf  of bread, eh?


and just look at this base – no sign of sticking. It came away with ease.


I’m thrilled. Probably the best loaf that I ever made.

As far as I can see, the only down side of using La Cloche is the inability to put a second loaf in the oven. I had to remove a shelf in order to get the dome on the dish.

Bread and marmalade for breakfast, I think.

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