Just one of those days

I am having one of those days. You know the ones – when you get up and shower and can’t even remember which order you wash your bits in and then nothing goes right all day.

It is Spinning Group day but I have decided not to go. A trip to town tomorrow and so much outstanding after a busy weekend. There are no two ways about it, I have to stay here and get some work done.

I cooked a gammon joint yesterday and because I was at that time planning to be out today, I took the stock from the boiling and I made a Split Pea Soup to leave for Mr L’s lunch. That is the main part of lunch taken care of.

Some rolls would be nice.

I was reading through my ancient hand-written recipe notebook yesterday – it dates from my A-levels days. In it I spotted some Sage and Onion Clover rolls that I recall were rather tasty. I set to, to make them this morning.

The rolls call for wheatmeal flour. I reached for my wholemeal tub, and what I saw was quite distressing. In the bin, it went. I reached for my Granary flour and had a similar experience. So, the rolls are being made with a mixture of Onion flour, from Wessex Mill, and my stoneground white bread flour. I weighed out the flours, cut in the fat and set the bowl on the Rayburn to pre-warm the flour.

The Rayburn would not start. (It’s oil-fired.)

I am having a coffee now, and re-grouping.

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